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Published 10 January 2014


The barge BARBARA measureS 38.50 m x 5.0m
She weighs around 85 tones

Her interior surfaces is 244,51 m

The surface of the exterior terraces is 204.75m2

She has a 40 tonne ballast

She has more than 50 windows, portholes and plate glass windows with Venetian

She has 5 fireplaces, 3 bathrooms with Jacuzzi and sauna

She has security on the entrance of the common footbridge

She is equipped with 100MB network connection

She is equipped with 11 extinguishers

She is fully air conditioned

She is supplied with water, electricity and telephone network

She has the COT (certificate of stationary)

She has two water filters

She has a General Motors generator of 380CV

She was reconditioned in June 2008

The exterior was repainted in summer 2008

Its insulation is done in polyurethane mousse classed M1 on 10cm of thickness

She is equipped of anodes hulls
The primary painting of the outdoor wall is no tags

The mooring points of the boat are:
 4 forwards, 2 ports, 2 starboards
 2 medial laterals (ports and starboards)
 4 laterals will houses (2 ports and 2 starboards)
 2 sterns (port and starboard)