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The barge BARBARA is an old barge STRASBOURG of freight of cereal made in the 50s to 1998s.
His current owner transformed it into 4 duplex, about 60m ² each, all equipped with terraces.



  • 1 - HOME PAGE - January 2014

    The barge BARBARA used to transport cereal grains and was built in the 1950s. Her dimensions are (38.5m (length) x 5.05 (width) x 7m (height)
    She has been very well maintained with tastefully designed and furnished apartments (including wood-panelling), three bathrooms with Jacuzzis and saunas, and 6 fireplaces.
    – The apartment LACORNUE has a water bed and a kitchen for 250 m2 interior and 250 m2 of exterior terraces. -She is located on the outskirts of Paris overlooking the ceramics (…)

  • TERRACES - January 2014

    Multiple terraces exist throughout the whole of the barge allowing the guests to fully enjoy the summers sunny days…
    On these outdoor parts, the barge Barbara is well equipped with the rescue material necessary for the life aboard on such a boat.
    – Footbridge with length of 7m with secure doors
    – Annex, set of batteries, rescue equipment, ropes, cables, life belts, winches
    – The boat is equipped with an RIA in case of emergency (only works when the engine is on)
    – An outdoor shower (…)


    The barge BARBARA measureS 38.50 m x 5.0m
    She weighs around 85 tones
    Her interior surfaces is 244,51 m
    The surface of the exterior terraces is 204.75m2
    She has a 40 tonne ballast
    She has more than 50 windows, portholes and plate glass windows with Venetian
    She has 5 fireplaces, 3 bathrooms with Jacuzzi and sauna
    She has security on the entrance of the common footbridge
    She is equipped with 100MB network connection
    She is equipped with 11 extinguishers
    She is (…)