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  • CHARLES Apartment - 15 January 2014

    Office surface> 65,45m2 Terrace surfaces> 55.00m2 The Charles apartment is an apartment of bow (front of the boat) situated at the right of the footbridge halfway from the front of the (...)
  • FRANCOIS MODULE - 15 January 2014

    Office Surface > 64,40 m2 Terraces Surface > 47,60 m2 The Francois Apartment is situated at the right of the footbridge at the front half of the boat. It has an entrance with sliding doors (...)
  • CLEMENT apartment - 15 January 2014

    Office surface > 61,40m2 Terraces surface> 70,40m2 The CLEMENT apartment is located at the back half of the boat. It has 2 entrances that are diametrically opposite with sliding doors (...)
  • The apartment BRUNO or wheelhouse - 15 January 2014

    From an interior surface of 53.26m², it is split into three parts served by a few steps. The entrance is a stable door from which the upper deck is visible. The Jean Benoit bedroom is made up (...)
  • GENERAL INFORMATIONS - 10 January 2014

    The barge BARBARA measureS 38.50 m x 5.0m She weighs around 85 tones Her interior surfaces is 244,51 m The surface of the exterior terraces is 204.75m2 She has a 40 tonne ballast She has (...)